How to Play on a New Golf Course for the First Time

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8 Best Golf Gloves in 2021

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Chipping Drills & Tips You Can Use Today To Break Par

Almost every golfer knows why chipping is consequential. It is one of the factors that distinguishes a professional from an amateur. However, learning how to break par when chipping gets you where you want to be in golf. In essence, chipping is not only to be better and able to beat your pairs but improve … Read more

Turn your 3 Wood Into a Secret Weapon

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8 Best Utility Irons in 2021

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10 Best Hybrid Iron Sets in 2021

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8 Best Women Golf Clubs in 2021

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Travel Tips: Flying with Golf Clubs

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Pick your Weapon: How to Choose a Putter

Introduction Putting is one of the most straightforward aspects of golf that is mostly overlooked by golfers. Many golfers find putting challenging to do. Even, Some golfers refer to putting as another kind of sport. They belief golf is done in the air, putting is done on the ground. This is all because of how … Read more

The Secret to Hitting your Driver Better

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10 Best Pitching Wedges in 2021

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7 Best Golf Clubs for Tall Guys in 2021

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How to Hit a Draw

Introduction There is so much joy in getting the ball to start just right the target and curve back. A draw looks great, increase distance, and most pros maximize it. A nice draw can add more than 5-15 yards with more roll out once on the ground depending on the fairways’ speed. Giving you more … Read more

No Mulligans: How to Beat First Tee Jitters

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What is TopGolf?

Where you can play TopGolf? You must be thinking about the facilities where you can play and enjoy this awesome game. Well, there are lots of locations where you can play this awesome game worldwide. If you are in the US, you could check Las Vegas, Atalanta, and other bigger suburbs. A word of advice, … Read more

8 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes in 2021

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Volvik Crystal Golf Balls Review

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